Chief Blingologist (alexmizell) wrote,
Chief Blingologist

Summary Line: GISOL Hijacked My Internet Domain Name

Complaint Description: In 2003 I signed up for webhosting service with GISOL. The bundle I purchased was advertised as including a domain name registration. Standard practice in the industry is that a domain name is registered with the customer listed as the owner of the domain so that they can transfer the domain to a different registrar should the need arise. Nothing during the sign up process tipped me off that GISOL's policy was any different than the norm.

After a few months of service it became apparent that GISOL was a terrible host. I filed a complaint with the BBB back then that I'm sure is still on file. After the complaint GISOL terminated my service claiming that because I reported them to the BBB I was in violation of the terms of service agreement and therefore they could cut the service without a refund. I threatened a lawsuit and they relented, eventually buying my silence with a year of free service, after which I left for a better host.

However now my domain name is up for renewal and GISOL will not unlock my domain to allow transfer to another registrar. They claim that they own the domain and only lease it to me. I said that I would let it expire and they said they would renew it for themselves for the maximum 5 year period, essentially locking me out of my own Internet presence and my widely-known e-mail address. I feel that this is cyber extortion and I refuse to pay GISOL another cent. Please help me set this straight.

Resolution Sought: I would be satisfied if GISOL simply unlocked my domain and gave me an authorization code so that I can transfer the domain name to another registrar and list myself as the rightful owner, thereby severing ties with their company forever. I want nothing to do with them ever again. It would be even better if they would obey standard practices and list the customer as the owner of the domain instead of tricking them into giving up the rights to their own name.

Date Problem Started: 1/5/2007
Date of Transaction:
Amount in Dispute: $999999999999
Invoice Number:
Complaint Type: Ad Practices
Product or Service: They provide web hosting and domain registration by proxy

If you have any questions regarding your complaint, please contact the Complaint Dept. at (909) 825-7280.

Thank you, Complaint Dept. BBB of the Southland, Inc.
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