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alex mizell

49% sacred - 51% profane

Chief Blingologist
1 June 1976
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no intrinsic qualities.
1980s, 3d, 8 bit, ambience, american pop culture, archetypes, art flicks, artificial intelligence, asp.net, audio engineering, b movies, balance, beauty, behavioral psychology, bizarre, black america, blasphemy, boobs, boom chicka boom, bowling, breakbeat, breasts, bsods, buddhism, buttons, caffeinated beverages, cats, cephalopods, cheese, chinese dragons, cold pizza, computer networks, computer repair, computing, copyfight, cryptic errors, curry, cussin', dance music, databases, digital, discord, discussion, dreams, drinkin', drum 'n bass, entp, everyone, everything, fight club, fightin', first person shooters, fnord, fondue, free range intelligence, guerilla art, harmony, headphones, hip-hop, hoaxes, house music, humor, hyperlinks, hyperrealism, internet fads, internet marketing, internets, japan, jazz, key to your heart, knobs, lain, learning, lighting, linguistics, lounge, love, magazines, many worlds, memory, metaphor, midi, mixing, mixtapes, mountain dew, mp3s, music, mysticism, mythology, nag champa, national public radio, necessary slack, networking, neural networks, nlp, pc, philosophical debate, philosophy, photography, pinball, pink floyd, politics, programming, psychopathology, quantum physics, reason, recombinant art, recording, rock, samplers, saxophone, singularity is bunk, sleep, sociology, sound systems, sql, subtlety, sunday music club, surrealism, sushi, switches, symbolism, synthesizers, tapas, technomagick, telecaster, the cosmic joke, the new deal, theatre, trance, trip hop, trivia, truth, turntables, vb.net, virtual reality, vonnegut, vst, waiting for godot, windows, wires, wisdom, womenz, zen